Hillary Lacks LLC

Hi.  I’m Hillary

I’m a neurodivergent wellness coach and movement instructor based in Philadelphia. I’m passionate about creating space for people to exist as they are, and working from there to build confidence with setting boundaries, self-advocating, and honoring your intuition.

I’m originally from Cleveland, Ohio. I completed my Bachelor of Social Work at Syracuse University in 2019, and my Master of Social Work at the University of Pennsylvania in 2020. I remained in Philadelphia, where I got my Social Work License and began my career. Throughout my education and career, I gained direct experience guiding individuals, groups, and families through challenging circumstances toward deeper self-understanding. I’m knowledgeable about systemic barriers facing marginalized groups, particularly autistic and disabled people, and am well-versed at creative, client-centered advocacy and education.

I see individuals as the experts of their bodies and life experiences; but, being as our country’s systems are rooted in capitalism and racism, social services can tend to push a “one-size-fits-all” approach to supporting people, undermining the infinite ways people move about this world. This is why I created Hillary Lacks, LLC. My work complements YOU. I support YOUR wellbeing, instead of pushing the expectations of our systems and status quo. I can help you tune into YOUR needs, instead of always accommodating those around you.
You are worthy of agency, fulfillment, and confidence: whatever these things look like for you. If you find yourself getting in the way of your own happiness, get in touch! Let’s work through it together.